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Land Selling

surgically This is our core and major service area. We exist to aid you, our esteemed customer in the easier identification and buying of land across Kenya. With decades of experience at hand, alongside our incredible customer service, we are your best choice when it comes to the purchasing of land.

Site Visits

We provide you with aerial view maps of the available land for easier selection. We also cater for land visit and survey services, where we transport you, the client to the land you would love to buy. This we understand is very vital and important before you make your choice on whether to purchase the land or not.


We have with us plenty of experience from our history working as real estate agents. This alongside our professional qualifications and passion for real estate make us your best guide when it comes to land purchasing. We make it our personal business to ensure you make the right decisions in your investments.

Who We Are and What We Do. We are a property investment company located in Kiambu Kenya. Since our inception we’ve aided many individuals, corporations and families in the purchase  of land. We’ve had a very fast growth rate due to our efficient and reliable services.

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